Car traffic can diminish up till 25 percent and climate gases up till 30 percent without sacrifices at all by an unknown system for transportation of goods!

Light transportations of goods on duty probably as a mean are valid for transportation weights of 10 to 20 kilograms as they at dominating part are executed in personnel cars. The transportations are short and mainly roll between working places.

Instead of by car the employers voluntarily will buy these transportations much cheaper and environmental advantageous from wagons with a loading capacity of preliminary 250 liters or 300 kg rolling in a culvert net dug down just beneath streets and pavements.

Volume light transportation in cars on duty thus is enormous. Of special reasons goods transportation in personnel cars on duty, totally dominating these transports, is unknown also by experts in the logistics area. In Stockholm county, Sweden, with 2.0 million people, savings in light transportation of goods on duty therefore will attain the enormous volume of calculated 40 billion SEK per year. At 5 percent interest and 30 years annuity these savings per year will finance investments of 610 billion SEK (40/0.06505).

If these 610 billion SEK are distributed on the 6 400 km streets and roads passing all working places in the county (exception mainly some farms) the sum amount 95 million SEK per km. In comparison a motor way built 2010 outside Enköping, Sweden, had the considerably lower cost of 52 million SEK per km.

Motor ways however aren't needed for transportation of these small goods loadings. Instead they will be possible transferring to the wagon described above. The wagons roll in culvert nets with preliminary inside dimensions of 1 200 x 600 mm dug down just beneath among others streets and pavements. The culvert ought to be very cheap compared to a motor way.

Other extremely important savings furthermore will occur by the system, which among others will mean that households at own economic merits in a broad scale will be possible connecting to culverts.

Including other effects car traffic ought to diminish with 25 percent and climate gases from car with 30 percent. If state or a commune is exploiter, it will get the investment not only gratuitous - in fact it will get utterly good paid for doing the extremely urgent investment.

Special obstructions exist why the huge transportation volume of goods in personnel cars on duty aren’t known by experts in the area and also why profitability for a system of the kind described neither is known. Special obstructions also exist why industry isn’t interested in the area.

Persons and organizations economically wanting to support my efforts will have opportunity to pay to my account in the Swedish bank Nordea 3175 22 56832. Sender, if wished, can be anonymous.

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Effects by the system for light transportation of goods in broad terms (about 3 pages text).

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Power Point-presentation somewhat more thoroughly presenting the system (about 140 slides not being renewed for a time).

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